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Jordanna Cobella show you how to achieve the Gwen Stefani inspired up-do

L’Oreal Hair Fashion Night 2016

A evening filled with, Cocktails, Make-up, Hair Styling and a photo-booth, Cobella had a lock-in to celebrate L’Oreal Hair Fashion Night.

This global event enjoyed by our clients, press and businesses in West London.

Huge thanks to Hyde, Lupita, Patisserie Valerie, Sugarbabes and Warm Street.

Olaplex No.3

You can finally take Olaplex home with you!

By using Olaplex Hair Perfector at home, you continue to help strengthen your hair and rebuild broken bonds, helping to maintain the structure, integrity, softness and shine leading up to your next appointment.

Cut for Care – Cobella Charity Day

The Cobella Team raised over £650 for Whitechapel Mission – last week we donated our time transforming homeless women’s looks for Whitechapel Shelter which was organised by Credit Suisse.

We had a lovely time meeting all the volunteers who dedicate their time working at the shelter as well as the women who benefit from the established shelter. It was truly enjoyable to pamper these wonderful women and we hope to be back soon.

Thank you to all who have enabled us to raise over £650.00 – there’s still time to donate here

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Latest Collection – Acatha

Beautiful collection by Jordanna Cobella – Acatha 2015.

Something about Stone Island ice jacket and Stone Island reflective jacket

At the same time, Stone Island sale continues to evolve extended to cover more elements: jacket, pants, T-shirts and shirts. Each one is very special. Further research development is to the fabric, the treatment process and coating and other aspects. In 1985, we introduced a military cotton called “Raso Gommato”, its surface or bottom contains a polyurethane coating. In 1986,Stone Island jacket uses a technique cotton satin cloth called “AluC” , the surface contains a silver-containing coating. It is those years that is full of vigorous development. Stone Island brand is not simply a fad, it has become the goal that every one crazily pursues. Young Italians feel that Stone Island clothing can bring them irresistible tempt, and can demonstrate their individuality.

During 1989 and 1990,one of the Stone Island jackets called “Stone Island ice jacket” was born. It is a wonder that Stone Island clothes made from heat-sensitive fabric, can completely change the color as the temperature changes . It turned from yellow to dark green, from white to navy blue, from pink to gray. It is in a completely innovative way to show the characteristics of the production of clothing, and have a good interaction with the wearer. This “Ice Jacket” gives a major breakthrough in colors and fabrics, to create a simulation of clothing, it would lose their printing pattern in the coldness.

During 1991 and 192,Stone Island UK invents a highly reflective Japanese fabric, which contains thousands of miniature glass beads coating, used to make a “Stone Island reflective jacket.” It has a wide range of colors including metallic white or bright red, green, yellow or blue. Even the faint light, it can reflect these rays. The jacket features the iconic color for safety work wear, it is a significant and irresistible clothing.

Memorabilia of some distinctive Stone Island jacket

In the end of 20th century and the early 21st century: Stone Island creates a “silver jacket” and “bronze jacket” project, the Stone Island jacket sale are made of such a kind of fabric bonded with 100% stainless steel and 100% bronze metal mesh. “Silver Jacket” has been displayed in the lobby of the Pompidou Centre in Paris to celebrate its re-opening. It also adopted the “Silver Spray” style, this vacuum-tight manner through the adhesive layer of polyester fiber cloth fabric 100% stainless steel film, is born for the protection of aviation onboard equipment.

“Hand-painted Stone Island brand”was also born, it is such a kind of clothing that after stained, faded, made by hand-painted camouflage reprocessing effect.Stone Island naturally interpretates a new series of thermal performance, such as Ice Jacket, fluid reflective jackets with thermal reactivity, and rubberized ribbed characteristics.

2012 has great significance for Stone Island, since it celebrates its 30th anniversary. Outlet stone island has thus created three iconic costumes, each one represents the historical significance and methodology of Stone Island`s authoritative fashion.”Tela Stella” (star gauze) is the beginning and starting point. 30 years later, it takes inspiration from the study of the technical and functional characteristics from military truck tarpaulins. It became the identical replica which is almost the same as the first series of the Stone Island, show to everyone again.

The technological change from fabric to yarn become the final findings of Stone Island. Stone Island clothing UK innovatively use the yarn with a reflective effect, which first covered thousands of glass beads that attached to polyester screen mesh on micro-plate for making, and then apply pressure / heat printing and dyeing processes, thereby fusing the fiber and reach a smoothing surface effect.

Cobella Day Spa Re-launch

We are very proud and excited to re-launch our newly refurbished Day Spa. Nestled within our Flagship store in Kensington, this urban sanctuary provides our customers with an extensive range of beauty treatments from massages to facials plus new services including cosmeceutical treatments (Cobella Clinic link). Also new to the Cobella Day Spa is the exclusive VIP room, perfect for group bookings or VIP pampering for birthdays or weddings.

Jordanna Cobella: A rising star in the hair industry

Throughout September and October Jordanna Cobella, daughter of legendary hair icons Anestis Cobella and Beverly C, has been a busy lady heading up the Hair Team at the London Emerging Designer Awards, organizing hair styling for numerous fashion shoots, MC’ing for the Tribu-te magazine event at the Novello Theatre London as well as embarking on the Sam McKnight four-month talent program Hair: Mastered. With more exciting projects in the pipeline 2015 should prove to be an exciting year for this talented rising star within the hair industry!

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