The Cobella philosophy is to create BEAUTIFUL SEXY WEARABLE HAIR in a fun and stylish environment.
Walking into our glamorous salon in Kensington takes you into a world of style that is enjoyed by some of London’s top actresses and celebrities. Yet our prices remain realistic and our attitude unpretentious.

“My aim is for every single client to feel she or he has the best colourist, cutter and stylist in London; to know she looks and feels her absolute best. And if she’s also going to have a bit of fun, have a glass of champagne and enjoy some celeb spotting – why not creativity is one of the essential components to our success at Cobella.

We are passionate about hair, devoted to the artistic craftsmanship it inspires and electrified by the possibilities. Bringing ultramodern, catwalk and celebrity-fused looks to our clients is our aspiration, and our spectacular Salonistas collection is the crescendo”.   Anestis Cobella


Years of award-winning hairdressing talent, an eye for the á la mode and unsurpassable skill brought this collection to life – it is a representation of all Cobella is. We thrive off creating cutting-edge styles, tailored to each individual client while offering supplementary services for an unforgettable, unique and luxurious experience.



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