From London Hairdresser, British Hairdresser of the Year award, from Best British Hairdresser in Japan to Most Wanted Hairdresser in the USA, the awards have been endless for Anestis Cobella and his team.

Over 30 years have passed since the first award was hard won by its innovative founder, who is still at the forefront of his team driving on to inspire and encourage those wanting to have a taste of hairdressing stardom.

one of the main reasons I encourage my people to enter competitions is to take them back to their roots, to give them back a taste of hair artistry that is more off the wall. It’s a bit like London Fashion Week, you go to extremes of creativity, and then use elements of the ideas in a more commercial way, I find it keeps the team fresh and gives the whole salon a buzz each time we enter a competition

Anestis Cobella

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