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Our Services - Extensions

All extension services and prices are inclusive of a bespoke carved cut and style to effortlessly blend your hair into the extensions allowing for a natural looking, lived-in look. 


Tape hair extensions are the most discreet extensions method there is since they look more natural. They lie almost completely flush against the head, and cause the least amount of damage to your natural hair so long as they are correctly cared for. They can be used on almost any part of the head and also in very fine hair, merging like magic with your own natural hair.

If that wasn't enough, they are also reusable making them the most cost effective tape of extensions too!

PROS of tape extensions

  • Can be worn for 4 to 8 weeks, then they are re-fixed to the hairline.

  • Can be reused and refit several times and can therefore be worn up to an unbeatable six months.

  • Can be removed easily at any time without residue. 


1/2 head of extensions                 from £400 (refit from £200)

Full head of extensions                   from £900 (refit from £400)

Removal                                      from £50 / hour

Priced on consultation

Prices include application, cut and styling. 



Individually bonded extensions are applied in individual strands and can be customised and blended to create a beautiful custom colour. This is a client favourite as they can last up to 3 months. 

PROS of Keratin Bonds

  • Adds instant length.

  • Natural appearance.

  • Seamless and almost undetectable.

  • Great colour choice.

  • Colour match or contrast.

  • Comfortable to wear.

  • Stays securely in place.

  • Less likely to slip.


1/2 head of extensions                 from £500

Full head of extensions                   from £1000

((approximately £15 per strand)

Priced on consultation

Prices include application, cut and styling. 



The LA Weave is an application method of adding a hair weft or weave to the hair to add lots of volume, thickness, length, or colour. This system uses zero heat, zero glue and zero braiding making it safer than older, harsher weave techniques that caused a lot of tension on the natural hair. After 6-8 weeks the weft is removed and refitted, it can then be reused many times providing the condition is good making this extension type super cost-effective.

PROS of LA Weave

  • Quick and easy to apply. 

  • The best option for big transformations. 

  • Great for thick hair.

  • Cost effective.


Prices vary depending on the level of stylist. To meet our team, click here. 

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