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Jordanna Cobella


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Reigning London Hairdresser of the Year for 2 years running (2022 and 2023) and British Hairdresser Nominee for 2024, Creative Director at Cobella Salon and master of elevating technical precision with an instinctive feel for colour, Jordanna is everything it means to be a hairdresser in todays modern world. Sitting at the intersection of hair, sustainability and style she has raised the bar when it comes to cultural sensibility. 

Combining her creative ability with a high level of emotional intelligence, she not only excels in her position as Wella UK Guest Artist & Craft Expert for UK and Ireland but is also the author behind ‘The Mindful Hairdresser.’ Born from her role as a global educator, the book is written to support and guide industry professionals with Jordanna exploring the psychology behind making people feel good.

And her commitment to keeping the industry relevant doesn't stop there. Jordanna is also an ambassador for Vegamour, a 360-degree approach to hair wellness. Designed to educate consumers in a holistic path to healthier hair, the partnership embraces uniqueness and celebrates identity in her continuously evolving industry.

A regular at London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week, Jordanna has been part of the esteemed teams run by Eugene Souleiman, Brendon O’Sullivan, Richard Phillipart and Charlie Le Mindu.

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