A member of our creative team will firstly carry out a thorough consultation with you, analysing your hair condition and texture, head shape and the tone of your skin before creating a customised style to suit you and your daily life style whilst enhancing your best features.




Art Director From £41
Creative Stylist From £36
Senior Stylist From £36
Stylist From £31


Cut & Blowdry


Art Director £98
Creative Stylist £77
Senior Stylist £67
Stylist £57


Hair Up


Art Director £78
Creative Stylist £75
Senior Stylist £73
Stylist £70


Specialised Hair Services

Change the way you care for and style your hair with this revoluntionary hair treatment that continues to satisfy all customers. Define your curls, tame unwanted frizz or simply smooth and straighten your hair permanently for 2-4 months. Drop in for a complimentary consultation for expert advise on innovative transformations.


Hair Relaxing From £95
Hair Perming From £100
Brazillian Blowdry (Short) From £150
Brazillian Blowdry (Long) From £200


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