We are very excited to launch Cobella Clinic, a collection of some of the industries best practitioners offering their services from our Day Spa. Cobella continues to offer classical beauty treatments; from lash extensions, waxing to bespoke organic, oxygen, microderm and hydradermie facials. Recently we launched the vegan Epicuren facial suitable for all skin types using the finest nutrient-rich organic ingredients. For more information regarding our Cobella Treatments click here.



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Tiffany is a qualified trichologist offering bespoke treatments for those suffering from hair loss and scalp concerns. Tiffany has over 15 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, specialising as a hair colour specialist.
Scalp health and conditions can be viewed as a mirror of your overall health that are indicators of other imbalances found in the body.I assess the scalp health during an in-depth consultation process, use of Trichoscope and reviewing your overall health concerns in a person-centred way. I offer a bespoke plan tailored to individual needs.
My passion is to support individuals suffering from hair loss and scalp conditions, to give back confidence and have the best hair that you can possibly have.

Initial Consultation £100
This is a face-to-face clinic consultation that includes an in depth analysis of your scalp and hair using a Trichoscope to examine your hair follicles and the density of your hair.
Starting from the inside out, we explore together your general health and well-being alongside your medical history, blood test analysis,hormones and genetic factors that could be contributing to the condition of your scalp and hair.
A pre consultation form will be sent to you and must be completed and submitted at least 24hrs before your appointment.
Follow up – £100
If a follow up is due, due to the diagnosis of the Trichoscope results.You will be offered a
bespoke treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. This plan will include the following:
Product regime
External Hair Care Plan
Nutritional and Hormonal support
Blood test analysis
3-4 month next steps and treatment recommendations
This is available either face-to-face in-clinic or on Zoom.
An online portal is available where you can access your treatment plan and arrange any follow up appointments.

For clients going through cancer treatment
Our in house Trichologist has completed the Cancer Hair UK training programme and has up to date research and education with the Charity. Tiffany offers a complimentary in person or online consultation service for the clients first consultation
to discuss their Hair loss concerns, know what treatments are available to them whether that is at the start of the hair loss journey or after they have finished their chemotherapy/ or radiotherapy and are on their new hair growth journey.
Tiffany has information from where to find scalp cooling, wig recommendations and tips all through to ideas for styling hair bands , hair pieces,etc and how to make you feel empowered whilst going through treatment /or after completing treatment.

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Nicole Zysk talented Micropigmentation technician with over 10 years of experience in Facial features restoration including eyebrows, eyes and lips. Developed the best techniques and most advantage treatments for medical tattooing including Scalp micropigmentation and stretch marks camouflage / dry needling. Advance ascetics  treatments  including cannula face reshaping, cheeks enhancement, tear through and lips filler. Precision and treatment planing with gradual improvement makes her one of the best Medical Practitioners in London

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