In the end of 20th century and the early 21st century: Stone Island creates a “silver jacket” and “bronze jacket” project, the Stone Island jacket sale are made of such a kind of fabric bonded with 100% stainless steel and 100% bronze metal mesh. “Silver Jacket” has been displayed in the lobby of the Pompidou Centre in Paris to celebrate its re-opening. It also adopted the “Silver Spray” style, this vacuum-tight manner through the adhesive layer of polyester fiber cloth fabric 100% stainless steel film, is born for the protection of aviation onboard equipment.

“Hand-painted Stone Island brand”was also born, it is such a kind of clothing that after stained, faded, made by hand-painted camouflage reprocessing effect.Stone Island naturally interpretates a new series of thermal performance, such as Ice Jacket, fluid reflective jackets with thermal reactivity, and rubberized ribbed characteristics.

2012 has great significance for Stone Island, since it celebrates its 30th anniversary. Outlet stone island has thus created three iconic costumes, each one represents the historical significance and methodology of Stone Island`s authoritative fashion.”Tela Stella” (star gauze) is the beginning and starting point. 30 years later, it takes inspiration from the study of the technical and functional characteristics from military truck tarpaulins. It became the identical replica which is almost the same as the first series of the Stone Island, show to everyone again.

The technological change from fabric to yarn become the final findings of Stone Island. Stone Island clothing UK innovatively use the yarn with a reflective effect, which first covered thousands of glass beads that attached to polyester screen mesh on micro-plate for making, and then apply pressure / heat printing and dyeing processes, thereby fusing the fiber and reach a smoothing surface effect.

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